Monetize Podcast Better with
            Dynamic Ad Insertion

Monetize Podcast Better with Dynamic Ad Insertion

PodAds - The easiest way to tackle ad insertion and podcast advertising

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What is PodAds

PodAds is a state-of-arts podcast advertising management system with dynamic ad insertion capability. Now you can focus on producing your podcast content, and let PodAds run ads as you specify.

PodAds Works Great For

Podcast Network

PodAds simplifies the process of running ad campaigns across multiple podcasts within your network.

Podcast Sponsorships

For your sponsored podcasts, PodAds streamlines the task of ad management and goal attainment.

Affiliate Programs

If you’re part of affiliate programs, PodAds allows you to easily promote your affiliate links to your podcast listeners.

Streamline Podcast Advertising for Success

PodAds is here for you to save time, boost revenue, and achieve your goals, helping serve your advertisers and listeners.

Automation: Total
                    Control, Zero Hassle Automation: Total Control, Zero Hassle Automation: Total Control, Zero Hassle

Automation: Total Control, Zero Hassle

Establish your ad campaigns based on your goals. We take care of everything else.

  • Regulate where your ads go Pick episodes for ad spots, customize placements.
  • Control when your ads run Schedule campaigns, set impression goals.
  • Decide who hears the ads Advertise in locations of your choice.
  • Choose how to deliver ads Your choice: Upload ad files or use VAST ad tags.
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Measuring Results Made Easy

  • In-depth Analytics Easily track your success with comprehensive analytics and share ad performance reports with your advertisers.
  • Compatibility with 3rd-Party Tracking Podbean integrates with various 3rd-party tracking systems, including Podsights, DoubleClick, Claritas, and more.
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Measuring Results
                    Made Easy Measuring Results Made Easy


Find out why podcasters choose Podbean to monetize their podcasts.

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3 easy steps to start monetize your podcast


Start your podcast on Podbean

Launch your podcast from Podbean and enjoy its powerful features. Not on Podbean yet? Find out how to simply switch your podcast to Podbean.


Set up PodAds campaigns

Create ad campaigns tailored to your schedule, target audience, ad content, chosen episodes, and ad placements.


Let PodAds auto-run the ads

PodAds now handles all ad insertions and displays, targeting them based on your needs, along with providing easy access to real-time ad reporting.

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